Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Charity Sales

Happy 2008.

Crystal Charity Sales at a condo in Bangsar. Turn out good. Sales fantastic. There were about 10 stalls ranging from angel card reading to will writing, tattoo, massage and feng shui too. All doing it for the same cause

The Reflex/Massage booth worked non stop. The Crystal stall saw a never ending stream of customers and by 3.00pm I was ready to pack up to go.

I am considering doing something similar in the near future with all my crystals, knick-knacks, booooooooooks etc. Any volunteers for this project???

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Clearing Out

The year ended with lots of clearing of stuff. Angels, fairies, gnomes all found new homes. Crystals were sold for a song and many great pieces were given to keepers of the mineral kingdom. Anyone out there looking for a special piece? I may have it just for you. Healing practitioners, new agey people or just lovers of crystals - give me a tinkle. I am clearing out, going into hibernation till the next cycle hahahaha.

With this comes the next phase. Coming soon ......