Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Norling Library is still standing

Norling was suppose to be demolished some weeks back but the latest news from Rinpoche is that the library has yet to come down. It is because of the thousands of library books that need to be brought down from the second floor of Norling and the storage space involved. Until then Norling still exists.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

ISETAN sales versus METROJAYA - I felt RIPPED

(Colour may seem different because of photography but they are exactly the same colour, same cut, same size, same brand)

I feel RIPPED.
I bought a three quarter length pants at Isetan yesterday (23 October) at the Midvalley outlet. I thought it was a good buy as they were offering 50% discount off RM83.00 (RM41.50). WOW! good deal, right?

Not until I went shopping at The Curve today (24 October) and consistently I picked up a pair of three quarter pants. I paid RM24.90 for it. There was no big hoo-hah, no sales price. Just simply RM24.90.

When I got home I took out both the purchases and what shocked me was I have bought EXACTLY the same pants that I bought at Isetan yesterday. SOUTH CHINA SEA

ISETAN RM83.00 less 50% = RM41.50
Metrojaya RM24.90 nett

Know why I feel ripped now. Never again will I shop at Isetan!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

India - pre departure (Grandma & grandson)

Ryan's comfort zone - a cardboard box

This morning as I was going downstairs with my “food bag” to India, Ryan came out from his room after his shower, and asked to be walked down the stairs. Grandma and grandson had a classic conversation as we held hands and walked down the stairs

Ryan : Popo, just now where were you?
Grandma : Downstairs loh
Ryan : What you doing downstairs?
Grandma : Popo doing packing
Ryan : Go where?
Grandma : India loh
Ryan : AGAIN! (with a drag in his voice)

Minutes later …..

Ryan : Popo, what is this?
Grandma : Ikan bilis (anchovies)
Ryan : For what?
Grandma : Make soup loh
Ryan : Popo, India got no cups and spoon. You better bring your own, (what gave him the idea that India is so backward)

He ran to the kitchen to tell and ask his mummy to get Popo a cup and spoon. Mummy hinted that soup should be taken from a bowl but he insisted it’s from a cup. We adjourned back to the living hall where Ryan sat down and posed me this question

Ryan : Popo, you go to India to sit like this ah ? (in a meditative pose)

How on earth does a 3 year old boy know that his grandma goes to India to sit like this? I thought mummy must have told him that in answer to his many questions but mummy vouched she had never made any mention before.

I await more questions from Ryan from now to my departure.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I Was Upset

A rare thing happened today. I felt upset, really, truly upset! I am still human after all. After talking to a close friend about my “upsetness” and laughing over it, I am back to being me again.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Live A Life That Matters

I do not know exactly who are the people who came up with the script as well as the powerpoint creation. I enjoy it so much and would like to share with all of you.
Credits to Author: Michael Josephson and Nidokidos

Friday, October 1, 2010

Summer Whisper

When you are in the mood for shopping you will have a thousand and one reasons for buying what you least need. Included in my shopping list today was Summer Whisper. The reason I gave myself, to justify owning Summer Whisper is that it will come into need when I do my travelling. But who was I trying to kid? No other than myself. I definitely do not need it on any of my travels. My trips to India will see me there during the winter months and during summer when I visit Tibet I still need to bring my Long Johns.

Summer Whisper is a little fan, half the size of my palm. Don’t be deceived by the size. It works wonderfully. This neat little gadget runs on 2-AAA batteries. You can be sure it will be in my bag wherever I go to justify this purchase.