Saturday, August 30, 2008

Garbage Enzyme - Natural Home Antiseptic

Turn your kitchen wastes (fruits and vegetables) to valuable DIY cleaners and at the same time help recover ozone layer and lower global temperature.

Garbage enzyme is produced by the fermentation of kitchen wastes (fruits and vegetables) together with brown sugar and water. This process will release ozone gas (O3) which will reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere and heavy metal that traps heat in the cloud. Hence heat can be released from the Earth, reducing greenhouse and global warming effects.

How To Make Garbage Enzyme
1. 1 part sugar
2. 3 parts fruit/vegetable dregs
3. 10 parts water

* Dilute sugar in water. Add in fruit/vegetable dregs
* Leave about a third of space in air tight plastic container for fermentation
* Close it tight
* During first month, open cap twice a day to release gas
* Push the floating garbage downward once in a while
* Place in cool ventilated area
* Ferment for 3 months before use

+ As natural herbicides, fertiliser and to improve quality of fruits
+ Floor cleaner
+ Dish washer
+ Air purifier
+ As far as your imagination can stretch

If you need more info, drop me a note with your email address.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Making Enzyme Workshop

Day 1 Enzyme

Day 3 Enzyme

The more I speak to people about making enzymes, the more I worry over the little knowledge people has and instead of improving their health in consuming their own home made enzyme, it can actually do more harm. There are some books on the shelves on DIY enzymes. Because of the lack of workshops being conducted (especially in English), many people go pick up a copy of this bi-lingual DIY Enzyme and start experimenting on their own.

As I focus my energies on enzyme I had the good fortune of doing an enzyme workshop in English. As the facilitator simply puts it "my English is klik klak" but it's her store house of knowledge on enzymes that really matters. Apart from making enzymes she shared with the 30-40 participants on the holistic approach to good health and happiness.

The workshop touched on the following :
1. Drinking Enzymes - different usage (drinking, cooking, washing vegetables and fruits, boiling soup etc etc)
2. Garbage Enzymes - different usage
3. Simple effective exercises to rid simple ailments such as backaches, neck pains, for bowel movement
4. Recipes : Alkaline water, Liver detox, Rice Mill, Korean Kimchi
5. Many many more invaluable tips

Anyone keen to know more on any of the above, drop me a line

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mani Wheels

Electric Mani Wheel containing 45 different types of Mantras. For sale RM400

Mani wheels are found all over Tibet and in areas influenced by Tibetan culture. There are many types of mani wheels and by far the hand held ones are the most popular as most Tibetans carry them around daily as well as on pilgrimages. Tibetan buddhists believe that chanting the mantra "Om Mani Padme Hung" invokes the blessings of Chenrezig (Kuan Yin), the embodiment of compassion. The wheel is spinned clockwise.

Tibetan prayer wheels contain hundreds, thousands, even millions of mantras written on strips of papers or on microfilms. With 1 rotation of the mani wheel containing X number of mantras, it is deemed that X number of chants have been recited.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Drinking Fruit Juice Is Good For Us, Or So We Thought!!

The universal health advice - drink your juices, it's good for you. But research has shown otherwise for people who are on medication such as antibiotics and those on drugs for cancer, heart conditions and high blood pressure.

If drinking juices hinders the drugs from entering the bloodstream, will pill popping of vitamins have that same effect? Can anyone out there advise what is there that we can consume safely these days. The vegetables and fruits are pesticide infested (some even question how organic is organic), chickens, pigs, cows are all hormone packed, the seas are polluted so fishes and seafood are also taboos.

After reading thru to the last line, some consolation prevails. You can still take your juice - 4 hours apart from your medication. To be on the safe side, not barring whether it's proven or not, just take heed of the advice.

The Philippines Psychic Surgeon Alex Orbitos

Sometime in August last year I did a post on Alex Orbitos, the psychic surgeon, who 'digs' into your body with bare hands and at the end of the surgery with the swipe of some tissue over your body, the surgery is deemed completed. Orbitos will be in PJ from 21-28 August and will have 2 sessions daily. 10.00am-12.00pm and 2.00pm-5.00pm.

During that trip to the Philippines I had the good fortune of being involved in many metaphysical/energy works. Primarily it was the Mount Banahaw Retreat that brought me there. The fringe benefits were eating, more eating, witnessing 3 psychic surgeries by Orbitos and also the art of Hilot. Hilot is a traditional massage and is one of the oldest and the most secret art in the Philippines. Due to the secrecy of the arts, very rarely do Hilot Masters teach this art to the public.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chicken Drumstick With Bacon - YES IT ROCKS

Remember the recipe of the chicken drumstick wrapped with a piece of bacon? I made a slight change to the original recipe. Instead of marinating it with just salt and pepper, I did it with light soy sauce, fresh ginger juice and pepper and I allowed it to sit for almost 3 hours. Just before grilling it, I wrapped that piece of bacon round it and put it on a metal plate. Grilled it for about 30 minutes. The plate is to collect all the juice from the chicken and bacon and you can take the juice with your rice. Believe me, its realllllly yummy.

Thank you Silent Whisper for the great recipe

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

13 - A Special Number

Whoever says number 13 is an unlucky number. Today is 13 August and it brought me good news. Goods news are hard to come by these days as most days come and go uneventfully. If at any day no adverse news come about, I guess I can consider it a good day.

During the past few weeks I was trying to get out of 'retirement' by creating business opportunities for myself. In the pipeline was publishing a magazine which would zap the life out of me if I ever embark on it. The online store is just about ready for business. I was also getting into doing R&D in preparation to come out with a book which will hit the bookstores by early next year. With the good news today all my plans will be temporary shelved. I shall remain in 'retirement' for an indefinite period of time.

All I can describe how I feel right now is - I am over the Rainbows!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


As the pages of my life flip from a chapter to the next, it has now touched on the topic of Enzymes. The healthy way of life has always been in gear but it has always been getting them off the shelves or from some multi-level marketing companies. Just about a month back I was introduced to making your own enzymes. My illiteracy in Mandarin is a big handicap as most of the Enzyme Workshops are conducted in Mandarin. Anyone out there knows of anyone conducting such workshops in English? Or any good English enzyme books in the market? Or some good tips? Appreciate any info on Enzymes

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Lighter Side Of Meditation

Many people are afraid of this big word "meditation" when in fact it is an easy and small feat to practise daily. Maybe it's the harshness of some buddhist meditation retreats or maybe simply they have not found the way.

This meditaiton exercise below takes about 15 to 20 minutes or even an hour; depending how long you wish to smile ):. Even children are able to follow through and feel good at the end of it. This is especially great for people who feels that at every turn of the road they come against great walls and huge humps and life is nothing but a heap of waste. Bring the smile onto your face and you will be amazed that life is not that harsh any more. It melts the hardest steel!

Breathe in deeply, allowing room for fresh air, life energy, love and smiles to come into every cell of your body and into the blood stream.

Breathe out deeply, exhaling negative emotions, hatred, anger and all your worries and troubles.

Relax completely. Starting with your feet roam your whole body, releasing tensions, worries and stress.

Now think of a happy event. The happy moments of your life. It can be with the one you love or just simply being alone, walking along the beach, lying in the greenfields or just watching the stars at night. You feel happy, you feel loved. You are smiling, smiling all around you

Very slowly extend this smile to your third eye. Your third eye sees what is beyond. It sees the beauty in all. Yes, your third eye is now smiling.

This smile travels down to your left eye and to your right eye. Your eyes are smiling. Smiling to all u meet. Smiling to all you see.

The smile flows to your left ear and goes thru to the right ear. Beautiful soothing music fills your ears. They are delighted. They are smiling to one another.

Allow the smile to seep thru to your nose. The fragrance of rose fills the air. It is so intoxicating. The nose breathe in the sweet smelling fragrance and breathe out smile after smile

This sweet smelling smile now fills your mouth. Your teeth, your tongue, your saliva feels refreshed. Sweet loving words now flows out of your mouth. It spreads to your lips. Your lips are smiling. Smiling to every living creature.

This smile continues to flow from the mouth to the lungs. Your lungs feel light and gay and are bouncing with joy. They are exchanging smiles.

The smile now reaches the heart. It is flooding the heart with love, gratitude, kindness, peace, smiles and more smiles. It is expressing words of love.

Remain in this state of smile. Stay with the smile, be one with the smile