Thursday, June 16, 2011

Be yourself

So many people try to hide their pains, pretending that if they dont talk about their worries and fears, then they dont really exist. There are people who smile on the outside, making light and carefree conversations to prevent their intimate emotions from being exposed. Their personal doubts and insecurities travel uninvited across their minds, haunting them in the day and tormenting them in the night. Let your self-doubts vanish into the shadows; show your true spirit to everyone you meet. All people must travel through life not as one alone, but as a caravan of people who will each experience their own set of circumstances. It is important not to judge yourself critically but to understand yourself. Not to restrict your emotions but to express them. Not to limit yourself but to search out every new horizon. There are too many people trying to be somebody else. Let’s just be who we are and feel good about what we are

Monday, June 6, 2011

Baked mushrooms

10 white button mushrooms (choose the large ones)
2 slices ham
Mozarella cheese
Pepper n salt
Dash of garlic (chopped)

1. Pull out mushrooms' stems and cut off tip. Chop them into bits. To make more room within the mushroom scrape the side of the mushroom and also chop them into bits together with the stem

2. Chop up ham

3. Fry garlic and when it browns, add in chopped mushroom. Add in pepper and salt. Add in ham and fry for about a minute or two

4. Scoop them into the hollows of the mushroom

5. Add a small teaspoon of mayonnaise on top, then top it with mozarella cheese

6. Bake for 12-15 minutes at 200 degrees (preheat over for 10 minutes)

I differed a little from this original recipe. Instead of ham, I substitued it with egg
Fry garlic, add in mushroom chopped stems. Add pepper and salt. Add in an egg and stir fry it together with the mushroom stem till egg browns a little. Scoop into mushroom hollows, topped wtih mayonnaise and mozarella cheese and bake.
Try it, it's really yummylicious. Got this recipe on TV when I was back in JB a couple of weeks back