Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Comprehensive Guide to Angel Therapy - Denise Whichello Brown BOOK REVIEW

This is moe than just a book about angels. In fact, it covers working with angel cards, essential oils, chakras, crystals and meditation, all with one single purpose - to commune with the wondrous glory of the angels. Denise introduces us to the angels by explaining the angelic hierarchy. The more discerning would find that this is based on the choir of angels of Enochin and Jewish origin, adopted sine the 6th century.

I like the hard cover as it sits very beautifully on the shelf. She uses soft pastel colours and this comes off very well. There were times when reading this book, especially when she taught how to open up the angelic kingdom that I could almost feel myself relaxing comfortably in a mountain cabin in the company of angels.

Her instructions are simple and fresh, easy to follow and very definitive. Beginners to angel work will find this book practical, without too many details that would hamper one's progress in exploring the angelic world.

Information on crystals and oils in tabulated format is a plus point. She takes readers through the purification rituals, altar set-up, invocations and affirmations in a step by step manner.

Although Denise treatment of angel therapy is from eh Bible perspective, the essence is universal

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