Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The 3 Best Friends - The 3 Eternal Friends - The 2 Dharma Friends

I suppose this scenario can only be witnessed in India. Who are the 3 best friends and who are the eternal ones. The 3 best friends are the dog, the cow and the pig and eternally yours are the goat, chicken and the fish. Yours in Dharma is the dog and the cat.

In India the cow is a sacred animal and they are reared for their milk only. The pig is a scavenger of rubbish dumps that even the poorest of the poor will try avoid eating the meat as it contains harmful bacteria. And of course eating dog meat is unheard of unless you are a chinese. So these 3 animals are free to roam and one can find them at rubbish dumps (yes cows at rubbish dumps and not at green grassy fields), each finding their own morsel. They call it a day after they are done with their meals and most likely their parting words are "see you tomorrow". (picture will be uploaded at a later date)

On the other hand the 3 eternal friends are together not by choice but by circumstance. They count their blessings of spending each minute with one another and if they can end their day together their parting words will most likely be "hope to make it through again tomorrow". This group of friends are not free to roam but are caged. Their fate lies in the hands of those visiting their abode. Or rather it lies in the hands of the slaughterer when he starts his work in the morning.

A picture speaks a thousand words.

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