Thursday, June 11, 2009

Unconditional Conditionality

It does sound a little confusing but in reality unconditionality really has its condition. All except parental love, I guess.

I question myself whether I am a practitioner or a believer of unconditionality and if all of us dig hard enough into our very soul, we have to admit that we are just mere believers and firm bystanders of being a practitioner of this sacred practice.

Many would like to proclaim that they are able to give unconditionally. Examine these few scenarios and you decide which of the two categories you fall into

1. A good friend (or maybe even your spouse) has been coming round and borrowing money from you. Not once, not twice but numerous times you parted with your money but one day you suddenly did not feel like picking up his or her call. On the contrary if your child comes to you, even if you do not have enough to give you will even go to the extent of borrowing just to be able to fulfil what your child needs or seeks. This I have seen it happening in my own family, my in-laws and friends’ families.

2. “Next week is Ann’s birthday. I need to go buy her a present. Oh no, what shall I get for her?” Every year for the past 10 years or more you never forget Ann’s birthday but this has gone unreciprocated for the same number of years. As years go by and decades drag on, especially when you have a new life of your own with marriage and family, eventually this little ritual seems less important. But a mother, who has given birth to that lovely baby will always remember that day for the rest of her life whether that now grown up girl reciprocates this deed.

3. Have you heard about the mother who eats only fish head and chicken backside for as long as her children can remember until one day when they celebrated her birthday at a restaurant. They are all now working adults, having families of their own. When the dishes arrived, the son stood up and in honour of his mum’s big day, he dished up the fish head onto her plate. Next came the chicken backside. The mum teared. She was neither angry nor sad by the son’s gesture. Her hard times of bringing up her children are over but she is still eating fish head and chicken backside. Only then the children knew why their mother ‘liked’ the delicacy of that part of the fish and chicken.

I am sure many of you will have fine examples of unconditional and conditional practices. As an energy worker many will be surprise that I am asking myself this very question. Am I? Am I not? Let us work towards being a better person by practicing what we believe in. As a baby I learned how to crawl, take my first step, run and now I can even fly. (fly kite and sit in aeroplane only lah)


d'Frog Prince said...

sf - i liked the 3rd story the most. for those who don't grasp the story, it shows they are not "enlightened" yet.

honestly, i think there is no love like a mother's can. i love both my parents (both not in this world anymore) but i was so sad and heartbroken when my mum passed away. it pained me still to think that she could have sacrificed so much and yet, remained so protective of her children. read about it in my "stories for my mother" - though i have stopped writing about it after only a few stories, i will continue one of these days.

d'frog prince

InnerJourney said...

hey d'frog prince. think of your mum joyously. it will also pain her to know that it pains you thinking of her. 'letting go' of her will free her from the bonds of being earth bound. ):

d'Frog Prince said...

sf - it's true, it brought tears to my eyes reading your comment.

you are so sweet and yes, in a way, i guess, you are right, i am letting go, after all, it has been like 4 - 5 years.

InnerJourney said...

yes, that's the way d'frog prince. let us all be happy and make it a better place for everyone. may u be well and happy always