Wednesday, July 29, 2009

UPDATE - Yushu

Minam Rinpoche's brother attending to a minor glitch during the journey

Along the Xining/Yushu road many a traveller will witness the impermanence of life. We witnessed one particular accident where the top of the car was ripped off and the driver was slumped onto his steering wheel with his forehead caved in and blood oozed out all over. A relatively big crowd gathered, some trying to extricate the 2 lifeless bodies while some were seen consoling a lady who seemed practically unharmed in this fatal accident.

Along this journey you will see very badly damaged cars hoisted high above to remind drivers to take caution but one wonders if anyone takes heed.

On my inbound into Yushu from Xining, we decided to have an early start at 4.30am to be able to reach Yushu before darkness sets in but half an hour into the journey the driver was already nodding off. I then asked myself "how am I ever going to reach Yushu safely with the driver's eye lids closing every few seconds." We made numerous stops to allow him to rest and rejuvenate and I pampered him with lots of sweets, ginger and water and supplied him with wet wipes to freshed him up. After some delays on the road and with many rest/toilet call stops we reached Yushu safely after 18 long hours.

We paid our respects to Minam Rinpche who had been waiting for us. We were then taken to our hotel suite set in the midst of nature and dharma. Had a simple dinner before we jumped into bed and called it a night..

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