Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some Angels Knocked On My Door Today

With only a pair of hands, a pair of legs, a pair of eyes, a body with a head sitting on top of it, how far can one stretch. For the past 3 weeks since I came back from India, it had been mind and nerve cracking, trying to piece and gel everything to the best that I can. It had been meetings, computer work, raising funds, making necessary phone calls, mind boggling flyer and poster designing – all to get things running for January’s Tibetan Medicine, Herbs, Arts & Culture Tour by Minam Rinpoche.

Everyone has a breaking point and I guess last night my bubble burst. I found tears rolling down my cheeks but I was not sad or disheartened or feeling low. It was just tears welling up due to too much pressure (ha ha I got my pressure normalized now – its 125/79 versus 105/68 before). With tears streaming down I was actually laughing while talking to my daughter.

Today some ‘angels’ knocked on my door. They were people I just got to know and someone I don’t even know except for one exchange of email in the afternoon. For the past weeks I only saw my own footprint and occasionally another set but today I felt comforted with all the footprints.

Thanks to all these people who touched my life today.


Anonymous said...

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InnerJourney said...

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