Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yushu's New Hotels After The Earthquake

Who says there is no hotel accommodation in Yushu? At least 2 outfits have started providing accommodation to tourists with the concept of “Tent Inns”. How ingenious!

Each tent measures 15 square meters and has 2 beds with TV and facilities of a normal hotel room. The only downside to these “Tent Inns” is that there is no bath and toilet attached. Surrounding these 100 over rooms (180 beds) are restaurants, which can house 300 people, and entertainment outlets. These “Tent Inns” are natural 5-star hotel sitting on a vast stretch of grassland with magnificent sceneries. What more can one asks for. Three more “Tent Inns” are expected to be ready in the near future and a pre-fab hotel is expected to be completed by 1 July (that is tomorrow). This pre-fab hotel is able to accommodate at least 400 people

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