Sunday, March 13, 2011

Being busy in India

Today is my 28th day in India. Life had been a little on the go because of Losar (Tibetan New Year) and with my Tibetan friend’s wedding and also the wedding of the friendly neighbourhood vegetable seller. It was my first time attending a Tibetan and Indian wedding. Also took time off to attend the Graduation Day at the Shedra and yesterday was the start of the 3rd International Gongchig Conference, also at the Shedra. Samdung Rinpoche, the Prime Minister of the Tibetan Government in Exile, graced the occasion. Also had the company of some Malaysian friends (thanks for all the goodies you left behind Hun & Steven) who dropped by for 10 days. Lunches and dinners also were time stealers.
3rd International Gongchig Conference. Samdung Rinpoche arrival
Shedra graduation
Losar with Khenchen Rinpoche
Paldon La's house for lunch. Amarula wine from South Africa
At The Orchard
Losar with Tenzin La and family
Lhamo La's wedding (Tibetan style)
DKI had a tea party for us
Indian wedding
Teachings with Khenchen Rinpoche in his room
Tea with Khenpo Rangdol and family

This year’s spring is as cold as winter in November last year. There were 2 days where the mountains behind the Library were snow capped in the early mornings. Thunder roared and the wind howled. Dorje’s (the Library’s dog) barkings were silenced by the howling wind. Even up to last week we had to keep warm. Now the sun is out. We are enjoying Malaysian weather with cool, crisp wind (like in Cameron Highlands).
Bidding farewell to 6 Canada bound Lamas
Lunch at Lhamo La's house

This trip had been eventful – with all the above happenings plus the opportunity of meeting this little boy who is stricken with polio. I put a post in Facebook seeking sponsorship to get him a walking aid and within minutes a friend took up the full sponsorship (thanks Kong). I also received some contributions for the family to rebuild their house in Ladakh which was washed away during August 2010 mudslide
My new found friend

In another 10 days I will be heading to Amritsar, to the Golden Temple. Then I will be back into the real world – homebound. I look forward to that as I will have lots to catch up with my grandson.

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