Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spooky circle

My days of hocus pocus was at its height in the mid 1990’s. I was a course junkie and energy works vampire. Tell me there is some happening in town and you’d bet I will be there.

One night I was invited to a spooky gathering. As we reached the house I was taken aback a little as the whole house was in darkness. The host came out to welcome our ‘entourage’ of 7 healing practitioners from the Damansara Jaya Healing Center. A little more time into the normal pleasantries, the session started with about 15 people or so.

Candles were lit as this evening’s session required some vision. The group was challenged by the host to float a needle. Ooops 1 down, 2 also down, 3, 4 and 5.  According to the host, one needs to have very high energy levels to float a needle and it is no easy meat. I let out a small giggle and the host was not too pleased. He took it as a snigger. He challenged me to this feat which i politely declined. He jeered me of being afraid to let my buddies know my low energy levels. He intended to put me down. My buddies on the other hand cheered me onto it to prove Mr Host wrong.

I finally conceded to accept the challenge and Mr Host announced he will give me 3 tries. WOW! That was generous of him but I was not about to take advantage of my host’s generosity. I thanked him for his generosity and told him I only needed one attempt. Make It Or Break It!

I held the needle steadily between my thumb and index finger and ever so gently lowered it down onto the bowl of water. Yes, I made it.

Mr Host was not only impressed, he had very high regards for me from then on. I was invited by him to many special events meant only for ‘elite circle’ of the Spooks. I attended Ghost Busting (sending spirits to the Light), spiritual healing by different groups, past life regressions, rebirthing, past life readings, etc., all hosted by wives of expatriates living in Malaysia.

I have had my share of such exciting times. The Fine Wine has matured, its time to sit back and taste it. It was an era past, a chapter read.  And now I intend to re-read the lines.  Will be announcing the courses shortly.

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