Friday, February 15, 2008

Dream On

My daughter and I were watching Ryan sleep on the night of the 8th day of Chinese New Year. Fire crackers were booming across the sky at the stroke of midnight. The Hokkiens were welcoming the New Year with aplomb with elaborate preparation of food and rituals for the night.

From a distance amidst the crackling sound of the fire crackers, I could hear very soft soothing music. It was a perfect set up for a good slumber coupled with the dim pinkish glow from a salt lamp nearby.

It was then I remembered reading a passage from the book "ESP For Kids". It talks about dreamwork and that dreams take place in the Alpha level of brain activity ie when the brain is pulsing/producing a steady wave of electric current cycling from 14 to 7 cycles per second (cps). And dream research attests to the fact that for physical and mental well-being, we need our Alpha dream-sleep. Therefore it is recommended that you do not have the TV, radio, cassettee or CD player to be left on while you sleep. This sleep cycle will be disrupted and can result in irritability, memory loss, physical coordination problem etc.

I shared this with my daughter and she immediately asked me to help her turn the radio off. So remember folks, while music is great for the body, mind and soul, it can also have some adverse effect when your body cries for total rest. I will be covering more on dream work soon


LaiSW said... much for those who like to go on dream journeys. Maybe some day you can write about drumming and journeying?

InnerJourney said...

We have yet to embark on our shamanic/vision quest. but i dont think we will do this in the near future. maybe some day ..... there are more important things for us to get into at this moment

Abbas Zaidi said...

Have you and/or Carol noticed an improvement in night-time peace because of the radio off?

Also, any updates on any shamanic/vq adventures? Or is that what the Shamanic blog entry is about?

The Wisest Men Follow Their Own Direction.
~ Euripides

InnerJourney said...

oh yes abbas, baby sleeps well every night and does not wake up crying for no reason.

as for the shamanic adventures, i am still awaiting for a master to take me on. if my reiki master comes to this part of the world, i will make a request. until then i can only read up on this but will not make me an authority in this field