Sunday, February 10, 2008

Paid To Blog

I have just retired from a business which I have set up some 10 years ago and am trying to figure out the popular question retirees ask "how do i expend my time?"

I have heard all about blogging but was never told that you get paid to blog. Synchronocity or being informed at an opportune time, my daughter informed me about this scheme. I got online, did a little read and decided "why not!". You can still be a retiree and have an active bank account.

Who says one needs to be on the streets to make your dollar. Now it is made all possible with "paid to blog" and it is as simple as ABC.

A. As in setting up a blog
B. Journal up your blog
C. Register an account with Blogvertise

Isn't that simple. So what are you waiting for. Go get online and head straight for blogvertise

Happy blogging, mates

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