Friday, March 21, 2008

A Source Of ....

I want to be a source of comfort to you
.... like a blanket to wrap around you when you're cold
.... like a pillow for you to use to rest your head
.... like arms to hold you when you're weary and feeling alone
.... like a handkerchief to catch your tears

I want to be a source of strength to you
.... like sunshine when you need warmth in your life
.... like music that soothes your emptiness and fills a lonely space
.... like a meal when you're hungry and want to eat
.... like a shoulder you can lean on for support

I want to be a source of love to you
.... like someone who offers praise and never pressure
.... like someone who is there to talk to when you need to talk
.... like someone who is there for you to be whatever it is you need
.... like someone who loves you just the way you are

I want to be a source of certainty for you that you always have someone on your side
.... to give you hope that there is a way through everything
.... to give you confidence that there is a light at the end of the tunnel
.... to be a voice that says "Congratulations! You've made it"
.... to share with you every challenge, every joy, every trial in your life

Let's go to the mountains!!!!!!!

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