Wednesday, November 26, 2008

India Update

Its more than a week since I arrived India. It's 'noisily' quiet here with the cool crisp air brushing against your face. It is so serene and with the slow pace of life, one will easily forget the time of day. Each morning I will awake at around 4.00am and will happily fall asleep again knowing I still have 3 more hours of sleep before I get up.

Food is a great challenge here. It may be due to the fact that I have been to India so many times over the years that I have kind of gotten jelak over their food. Various types of vegetables but the end result is the same - the same masala taste (or whatever spice they use). Decided to do some shopping of my own but Bless Me - for about RM200 I could not fill a basket with goodies. In Malaysia for RM200, you can possibly load a trolley of stuff. A small toilet roll here costs around RM5 when we can get 10-12 rolls for RM9 back home. What more - I bought a packet of crackers made in Johore (YES made in Johore, Malaysia) and it costs me RM8.

Apart from food there is absolutely no complaints. The weather is fine, getting colder and colder by the day. The air is clean and fresh. Apart from studying tibetan, we are also picking up Hindi words. Egg is called enda and onions is piaj ....

Have taken a fair bit of pictures but due to the slow internet connection there is no way I can upload them. You'd be lucky if you can stay thru getting a blog out without any interruptions

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