Sunday, November 9, 2008

Let The Positive Energies Flow In - Wipe Out The Negative

A lesson learnt over a weekend (1 & 2 November) at the Bukit Jalil Stadium where we were trying to raise funds for a cause. How do you know if a person is serious in your cause or is just doing some lip service? People who are keen to do their part seldom have questions and they will donate to your cause without checking much into the details. Those who are suspicious of what you are doing seldom do anything even after you think you have satisfied to their queries. Sad to think that people are so untrusting these days. Is it because they are too may con people around town or is it because of their distrusting nature that they have invited such energies into their lives and in so doing have been betrayed by certain people.

Live and let live cos live is too short and uncertain.

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