Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Be Passionate

Passion is a transforming fire, an eternal flame that burns brightly within the heart and soul of everyone. This flame's brilliance is easily dimmed by boring routines and deadening familiarity. Living with impassioned vibrance requires whole-hearted devotion and love of life. When we give wholly to others, we are giving passionately. When we give wholly to a situation, we are surrendering to passion's fire. When we give, love or act half-heartedly, we suppress our natural passion, denying others the gift of receiving and responding openly. Through embracing life's wonder, we know the richness, fullness and contentment. When this fiery depth and ardent beauty flow forth into every action, every moment, as if it were our last, we awaken into the joyful essence of being. When we live a life that is not nourished by passion, we are only half alive. A life without passion is a life without joy

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