Monday, May 25, 2009

Ryan Went Kite Flying At Park City

Ryan trying to lend a hand

Look at the little pro

His lone kite

The first time Ryan ever saw a kite was on 10 May 2009 - Mother's Day. Two mothers tagged along on that day. Ryan was a little frantic when he saw the huge monstrous kites looming above his head. The kites came in all shapes and sizes - from an octopus flying in the sky (not swimming in the sea) to a very pathetic Spider Man trying to make an accent to the sky.

Yesterday evening we decided to bring Ryan to the park again. This time we brought our own kite and to take the fear away from him, the father carried him in with the mum, an aunt and the excited grandma tagging along. When we reached the grounds Ryan was already hyped up for his big day. Even when the skies turned dark he was not willing to call it a day but being a boy with reason, he reluctantly agreed that we will come again another day.

Grandma captured him on video while mummy was busy with her DSLR.
Watch Ryan in actin with this link


luffy said...

These remind me of my happy life when i was little.. Gosh, how misserable im now

Internet Marketing said...

lol, your son is better than me. I don't know how to play kite.

InnerJourney said...

hi luffy
if u can have a happy childhood, surely you can have the same in adulthood. it is what we make out of life. cheer up and stay positive in life
cheers to you

InnerJourney said...

hi internet marketing
he is my grandson. its the grandma that is blogging. hehe
have a good week!!!

Salameander said...

Wow, you're a hip grandma! ;) You must be very proud of Ryan. Thanks for swinging by Kinder Soaps. Keep in touch!

InnerJourney said...

hi salameander
grandma gets bored with nothing much to do so here she goes blogging because her days of running around is over haha. will definitely visit you again.

Salameander said...

I'm hoping my mom will take on to blogging too. She's currently undergoing chemo and can't go out and about as she used to do, plus we can't visit if any of us have a bug. :(

InnerJourney said...

my sis is done with her rounds of chemo and i got her a comp to be able to stay with touch with all the siblings. this saves on hefty phone bills. i just visited your site again and really like what you are doing. keep it up