Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Guardian Angel - My Neighbour's Cat

That's Aminah wanting me to stroke her. She loves being rubbed at her tummy

She meowed incessantly when I went outdoor as if to tell me "I killed a snake". I have reprimanded her before for killing a frog and a mouse. Hehe

Aminah puked - the foamy thing with some blood

Aminah (that's what I call her since she is our Malay neighbour's cat) is a frequent visitor or rather a permanent fixture to our home for as long as I can remember. She parks herself at our front door, on top of our two cars from sunrise to sunset. Whenever she goes back next door and when Mak Cik feeds her - bless her, do not let her hear me opening the door, she will run back to our side as swift as lightning. During months that I am overseas and according to my daughter she only comes by occasionally. On my return from a day's outing or a few months disappearance, it is really warm to see her running out from Mak Cik's house to our home.
She is no real beauty compared to our Persians but she is really adorable. Even little Ryan takes on to her and gets pretty excited when he sees her having her feed or just lazing around on the gate pillars.

This afternoon there was a lot of rattling at the front glass sliding door. I drew back the curtains to see the adorable one having a snake in her mouth. I later went out to take a shot at the gruesome find. I believe this is not the first time she has done this as we have seen dead snakes in our garden or driveway before.
She is our guardian angel, our watch cat, our companion, friend. She is more than a cat.

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