Saturday, January 30, 2010

Who Am I?

(photo credit to Wong Soo Mei - flower arrangement by Alice Hew)
Tonight my thoughts are quiet and as Dr Thubten put it across very subtly but aptly, one is practicing ignorance. I was much saddened today as I stood as a bystander at Minam Rinpoche’s press interview. There were about a dozen people or so and as I observed these 12 people I suddenly realized that I had very much been one of them too except that now I was standing on the outside looking at them. We get busy all our lives doing so many things without actually knowing what and why. Life is like a drama.

I will not be at the starting line anymore. Instead let me be who I am and what I am. For that I need to find myself


Anonymous said...

Am still finding myself too. You are not alone.

Marcus said...

For whatever you are looking for, I wish you every success. The dust may cover the footprints but it once was there!

The madness of humanity always crushes us. The blur and streak of moving forward everyday always overwhelming. I applaud your wisdom in taking that step back.