Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back In Business Again - Crystals

Update as of 4 March at 2.50pm : The pendant found its owner
1 March 2010 marked the day I got back into the crystal business. I gave up this business some 2 years plus and thought that I would have called it a day. During these two years it had been travelling, more travelling and more travelling. It was leisure travel as I did not have to think of business overheads for the long journeys that I take.

The want of doing something soon crept in. Grandmotherhood did not fill this gap. I was toying with many business ideas and it was not until 1 March morning that this great realisation came bouncing to me. Why dont I do something that I have a passion for and something that I know best? By late afternoon I had stocks on my table and by night I already had orders.

As a teaser, here's something I have in my stocks. A green phantom is one that has phantom mountains within the crystal and not just a patch of green chlorite. Green phantom is for career advancement and business growth. For healers, this is a good stone to own.

Look at the clear beautiful mountain within the crystal

Size of stone : stone sits on a business card (sorry unable to give measurement as I do not have my gears sorted out yet). Drop me an email if you are keen to own this


LaiSW said...

Once a crystal lady always a crystal lady. Why not share your crystal knowledge and stories?

InnerJourney said...

Yes, will do that. To come and think of it, I have yet to post any articles on crystals despite the fact that I have been in the crystal line for a decade plus.