Friday, September 3, 2010

Retreat Center In Xining

Something is brewing, something is in the grapevine. Apart from the good news that Wamlung Monastery is under construction, Rinpoche informed that a retreat center in Xining is also planned for completion by July 2011.

This place is about half an hour from Xining, away from the hustle and bustle of life but yet near enough to amenities. Since the winter months are just round the corner, this project will only begin in spring next year. It will consist of retreat rooms for lay people as well as for monks. It has not been decided whether these rooms will be in single units or built in a row. Rinpoche favours the former as it allows privacy and quietude versus the latter which may not be suitable for those who are on solitude retreat. This greatly depends on the fundings available.

When I was in Yushu, Rinpoche tried to arrange for a place for me to go in for a week but faced the challenges of amenities, safety measures, basic “creature comforts” etc. In Xining he thought it can be made possible. We went to a monastery in Kumbum and we faced the same tune. I know of many friends in Malaysia who has the want of doing a retreat but such places are few and far between.

This area is sprawled over many acres of land with a stream running in between the high and the low plains. Cool in summer and cool in winter as well. This makes it a splendid place the whole year round.

If anyone of you wish to play a part in getting this up, please drop me a note. I do not have the cost projection of this set up but it will cost approximately RM15,000 to RM20,000 for a single unit room (it will be cheaper if they are built in rows). You can either sponsor a unit or just simply make a contribution towards the building of the retreat center. Will update on progress once available.

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