Monday, September 27, 2010

Norling Library Will Be Demolished

Norling Library 100% damaged

The pre-fab houses

The demolition authorities have reached Norling Library area. Norling is going to come down. Rinpoche went back into Yushu a couple of days ago to attend to the moving down of the 50,000 over library books. The rebuilding of the library remains uncertain. The books will be temporary stored in the 6 pre-fab houses which Rinpoche built just before I arrived Yushu in July.

Though the library is gone, the mission and vision of Rinpoche live on. Your contributions will go a long way towards Rinpoche’s projects. Apart from cash contributions, you can also shop at Himalaya Hearts (click on link) “Charity Fund Raise”. 100% of profits or proceeds from this category goes towards Rinpoche’s projects.

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