Friday, October 1, 2010

Summer Whisper

When you are in the mood for shopping you will have a thousand and one reasons for buying what you least need. Included in my shopping list today was Summer Whisper. The reason I gave myself, to justify owning Summer Whisper is that it will come into need when I do my travelling. But who was I trying to kid? No other than myself. I definitely do not need it on any of my travels. My trips to India will see me there during the winter months and during summer when I visit Tibet I still need to bring my Long Johns.

Summer Whisper is a little fan, half the size of my palm. Don’t be deceived by the size. It works wonderfully. This neat little gadget runs on 2-AAA batteries. You can be sure it will be in my bag wherever I go to justify this purchase.

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Magic said...

Don't I know? :)