Sunday, October 24, 2010

ISETAN sales versus METROJAYA - I felt RIPPED

(Colour may seem different because of photography but they are exactly the same colour, same cut, same size, same brand)

I feel RIPPED.
I bought a three quarter length pants at Isetan yesterday (23 October) at the Midvalley outlet. I thought it was a good buy as they were offering 50% discount off RM83.00 (RM41.50). WOW! good deal, right?

Not until I went shopping at The Curve today (24 October) and consistently I picked up a pair of three quarter pants. I paid RM24.90 for it. There was no big hoo-hah, no sales price. Just simply RM24.90.

When I got home I took out both the purchases and what shocked me was I have bought EXACTLY the same pants that I bought at Isetan yesterday. SOUTH CHINA SEA

ISETAN RM83.00 less 50% = RM41.50
Metrojaya RM24.90 nett

Know why I feel ripped now. Never again will I shop at Isetan!!!

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