Monday, August 15, 2011

Children of today

When I walk back in time to my memorable days at Convent Bukit Nanas and subsequently Convent JB, our days seemed seamless.  No tuition classes (at least for me), no great expectations from parents and we own the time of the day. 

Then came my daughter’s era.  Tuition was in fashion. School activities were aplenty. People no longer enquired if you passed your exams.  Instead it was replaced with how many A’s you scored.

Now I see children of today living the dreams of parents.  A’s are no longer the criterion.  Scoring full A’s with the maximum number of subjects allowed becomes the chase.

I am not sure if I will be able to live to see yet another shift when my grandson goes to school.

Colleges are sprouting everywhere and many have even acquired University status.  There is no shortage as to what one wishes to study. There are even preparatory courses that puts you in stead.  And with this present age and time, studying is made easier without you even having to leave home.

I can’t say if all this will make a better you.  If given the choice I would personally like to turn back the clock to where I go to school in the morning, back home for a nap in the afternoon and a round of badminton in the evening before settling down to grind through the day’s homework and to do the obligatory crunching of the books. 

My hope is that I will like to have more “people” grandchildren rather than the “machine made” children.  Children who will have time to stop and smell the flowers!

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