Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Round the corner

We always make the mistake of not visiting or dropping by to say hellos until it becomes a tad too late. I suppose it is time to make a run to Calgary to connect with friends again. I would need to look up for apartments to rent in Calgary as it would be more convenient to staying in hotels.

It will be a trip much looked forward to as six of my friends from India are now in Canada. Apart from being my guide there will be lots of catching up too.

Will need to do a fair bit of homework here. Need to buy new sets of winter clothings as the old ones were all left in Yushu last year. And not forgetting foodstuff, gifts, toiletries, personal items etc. This will keep me busy for the next few weeks but I am not complaining. I am actually looking forward to it. Calgary here I come!

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