Monday, November 12, 2012

Touch the sky - put a smile on your face

I believe all of us have a built-in compass to help us get to wherever we desire to go.  Trust that compass for with that trusting will come the strength to bear whatever life deals you.

As human beings, we’re not perfect, and we’re not supposed to be. But that’s not always an easy thing for us to realise. We don’t make it alone in this world. We’re lucky that there are people placed in our path to guide us, protect us and touch our lives so that we can get through it all …. one day at a time

Remember : just as you have questions now, somewhere inside you, and down the road, there will be answers and workable solutions. It takes patience and trust to get through life’s changes when you are trying to reach goals, solve problems and make dreams come true. Though at times it may seem more than you can take, I know you are strong, and you can handle whatever comes your way.

Go out to the sun now, touch the sky and put that smile back onto your face.

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