Monday, November 12, 2012

My first fire walking experience

My first fire walking experience happened in Gembrook in the ranges of Mount Dandenong, Melbourne in March 1997. I was there for a 7 day power packed energy workshop which encompassed Reiki Mastership training, body works, ear candling, getting in touch with spirits, meditation, astral projection and a host of other spiritual activities which will no doubt hold a Reiki Master in very good stead.

On arrival I informed our Master that I would like to opt out for the fire walking session. He pushed me no further and instead gave me a knowing nod. On day 2, I reminded him again, again that nod. Day 3 another gentle reminder, another nod. Day 4 – That’s It!!!! Eventhough I was not about to participate in the walk, I nevertheless helped the other 32 participants to carry the logs to the pitch that has been dug about 2 feet under the ground. Fire logs were then stacked to about 4 feet above ground level thus making it about 5 feet of stacked logs. We then went for a walk in the forest while the logs were set ablazed.

The Victoria Fire Department was alerted on this activity and fire engines and their men were on standby at the ranges from morning to late afternoon. By around 4pm we gathered at the fire pit. The wind was blowing wildly. The kookaburras were laughing gaily. The walk had to be called off because of the strong wind. Then all of a sudden everything went still. The wind had stopped howling, the kookaburras decided not to mock. It was as if there was an unseen energy beckoning, urging us on. As everyone was queueing to take their walk, at that very moment I decided to “unload my baggage”. I did not want to chicken out of that moment so I very quickly stood in line as the 5th or 6th to walk.

As I stood in front of the bed of burning embers, the blazing heat on my face was enough to make me step back but I stood my ground. I took 3 deep breaths and my foot took the first step forward and before I knew it, it was over what seemed like seconds. My Master was at the other end of the pit to give everyone a hug. I did it! The feeling of elation was astounding.

There were no hiccups, or so we thought, for this cleansing activity. There was plenty of gaiety, merry making, laughter when suddenly there was commotion in a few pockets of people. Yes, regression has started for four of the participants. Two Australians and two Malaysians. We had our hands full for the whole night. Some were busy handling the regression, others were dishing out hot soup for all.

The ambulances were alerted and in so doing the TV stations and other media were also informed. The next morning we were on TV, splashed over newspapers (both Australian and Malaysian newspaper – Star and Straits Times) and phone calls were coming in from friends and relatives. My niece in Australia was even envious as the most sought after TV reporter was on location that night.

To sum this all up, I feel very fortunate to have gone through these experiences; experiences of stretching you to the limit where you are about to give up; experiences of comatose where you can no longer last another minute but you made it to the end; experiences of such comradeship and bonding that you carry your team mates on a wheelbarrow to make it to the finishing line; experiences of about to lose a course mate to cancer; experiences of suddenly knowing who your ‘twin mate’ is; experiences with your guides, mediumship and much much more. I know I will never experience the same again even if I were to repeat this course with the very same Master

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