Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wake up call

Second day of 2013. This morning I stood looking at my face in the mirror, staring at myself in actual amazement. I looked older, my hair looked tired, and the sparkle that once shone in my eyes as a child had faded. There was a seriousness that had taken place. At that moment, a sense of urgency and determination was awakened in me. That face in the mirror was changing right in front of me. I could have told myself it was just a bad hair day, but deep inside I knew that this was a transition I needed to face, literally …. face to face. I smiled at myself with one of those ‘you-dont-look-so-bad” kind of smiles, but that didn’t work. So I tried to make my smile bigger and brighter, but that didn’t help either.

This was my WAKE UP CALL!!!!
- Time to start doing the things I want to do and need to do
- Time to think about making some changes
- Time to get my life going

As you awaken to the changes that are surrounding your life, you must also stop and reminisce about your past. Who you are is an accumulation of everything that you once were, the total sum of each and every thought you have ever had and every single feeling you have ever known. Let your life be an adventure … look for the invisible, listen to the silences, touch your imagination, and make each day something special. Don’t let that Wake Up Call rudely surprise you.

On a lighter side, I just came back from a new year do with some friends.  Well, the look in the mirror wasn’t bad actually.  I was only trying to wake everyone up to that wake up call.

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