Tuesday, June 3, 2008


We owned 3 lovely cats. Piper passed on in March this year leaving Prue and Phoebe. In addition to these 2 lovely babies (Prue is about 6 years old and Phoebe is 5) we also have visitors of the 4 legged kind. My neighbour's cats will hop over (literally hop over from the retaining wall) or just stroll pass or go under our gate for their meals, to do their pooh-pooh job or to just simply relax and 'sun tan' (the cats love it when the engine is warm) on the "beach" (we own a blue car). To give the cats the experience of 2 seasons (winter and summer) we acquired a snowy white car last month. You bet! They loved the 'snow' too. To deter them from jumping onto the car and in the process leaving all their scratch marks on a brand new white car, an idea was formulated. See pictures below

Initally it really worked. The real cats hissed at the Cardboard cat and even 'gostan' (reversed) with their backs hunched as though ready to pounce. It was really a funny sight. I could not reach for the camera in time so that moment is lost. It's more than a month passed and sigh sigh sigh - they are best of pals now. They realised Mr Cardboard is such a tame and friendly mate who does nothing even when his territory is invaded. They even sleep side by side. The only thing they dont do together is eat and pooh pooh.

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