Monday, June 30, 2008

Dear friend .......

This is dedicated to a very true friend who left us on 21 June 2008.
You have left behind many sparks of light. You have touched the lives of many especially those who are less fortunate than us.  As I walked you on the last leg of your journey on that fateful morning I pray that you continue your work from the Spheres Of Light

I have known many different kinds of people in my life. I have met people who are caring and some who are calculating. I have known those who are sincere and honest and of course those who are the direct opposites. I have seen smiles filled with lies and tears wet with truths. I have shared times with those who needed a friend and I have been by myself when I needed one. I have been associated with people who are dreamers but not doers and with people who are doers not for themselves but for others. I have been learning how to understand all these personalities and to be a friend to all to the best I can.

My soul yearns for those who still believe in life’s truths; of honesty, of sincerity, of compassion etc.  I long for a place where people live their lives in love and harmony, free from sorrows and sickness, where people can talk to one another about the things that matter, like being friends and caring about the dreams that we all believe in. I long for a time ….

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