Monday, June 2, 2008

Singing Bowls - Healing With Sounds & Vibrations

How many times have we stopped and listened to sounds and music that touched our hearts and stirred our imaginings? Have you noticed how certain sounds resonate in ways that heal and create feelings of well being and harmony? Sound healing is a form of vibrational healing which works on the energy system of the body in ways similar to homeopathy, crystal healing, reiki, pranic healing to name a few.

The Tibetan metal singing bowls date back to centuries ago. Manufactured and traded in the Himalayas by a travelling caste of smith, these bowls were used as cooking utensils, offering bowls and as well as beat instrument to create music. The alloy of the bowls is a controversial point. Some claims the bowls are made of 7 metals connected to the seven astrological planets : Gold (Sun), Iron (Mars), Copper (Venus), Mercury (Mercury), Lead (Saturn), Tin (Jupiter) and Silver (Moon). Some sources claim nine metals. A singing bowl man at Durbar Square, Kathmandu claims that a real singing bowl should consist of only five metals: Bronze (Earth), Red Copper (Moon & Stars), Iron (Fire), Silver (Air) and Yellow Copper (Sun). With modern science we see the emergence of the quartz crystal singing bowls. These are either clear or frosted bowls which produce different tones and emit amazing vibrations.

Every bowl has its own timbre and frequency and has its predominant sounds and vibrations. Hit the bowl gently with a wand or mallet. Right handed people hit it at 3 o'clock direction and left handed people hit at 9 o'clock direction. Avoid playing the inside of the bowl.

The high energy of the singing bowls can be used to charge and cleanse crystals and precious stones. Put them into the bowl, hit it once and rotate the mallet on the rim of the bowl anti-clockwise for cleansing effect. For charging effect rotate it clockwise. For beginners you may have a little problem making the Tibetan bowls sing initially but with practice you should be a good 'singer' in no time. To balance chakras, hit the bowl and place your hand with the bowl just inches away from the body. Go through all the 7 chakras and you will be ready for the day ahead. Many people are also using the sound and vibrations of the bowl for space clearing for their homes. For cleansing effect, rotate mallet anti-clockwise and for charging clockwise. Always cleanse before charging because surely you do not want to charge all the dis-ease and dis-harmony energies in your home.

Happy singing.
Note of caution: when you are shopping for your singing bowls in Thamel, Patan or anywhere in Kathmandu, do not be fooled by the old, antique looking singing bowls. Many an honest Nepalese trader will tell you they are made to look old.

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