Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008 - Welcome 2009

Christmas is just as good as over for us here and new year is rolling on its way. If there was not much of a christmas, I cant expect much of a new year too. But looks like there will be a welcoming of the new year tonight at the library. Parties and more parties!

Over the weekend, lessons took a backseat as we joined in the celebration of the Ladakhi New Year and we had 2 days off. On Sunday there was a puja at Jangchubling at 6.30am followed by a tea party at 10.30am. There was much gaity with singing and dances of sorts. On Monday there was another tea party at the Shedra. As with their custom, which is quite similar to that of chinese new year, we visited Khenpo Rangdrol's residence. Ladakhi cookies, tibetan fares and tea were served.

As I spend my christmas and the new year in this foreign land (which is also home to me), I think of my family and friends back home and wish them a new beginning with everything to their highest good.


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