Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Little Heart Wrencher

Mummy, what is the country code for India ............... I cant get through

There is no tone ....... did you give me the correct number???????

Ah .... now I got it. Hello hello hello ................

It's warm to know (on a cold winter's day) that someone is trying real hard out there to get in touch with you just to say "hoh hoh" (hello hello) with his little toy phone. Seeing this brings me closer to home.

Tomorrow is a tibetan holiday (not an Indian holiday) and it will be another day of lazing around. Had thoughts about making a run to Rishikesh but with some security alerts, it's wiser to stay put. In any case it is just a one day holiday and it will be kind of rush to make any plans out of Dehra Dun


Penny said...

Not a day goes by that the little boy doesn't think of his dearest grandma :) Thought you would be even warmer to know that on a cold, cold winter's day.

InnerJourney said...

you are putting tears to my eyes now hahaha.