Friday, December 19, 2008

Home Away From Home

Going online here is a real test of patience. I was at the Library for a good half hour and nothing happened. To write a blog entry with photographs is out of the question. I have taken some pictures of the place where I am staying now and most likely my friends will think that I am in some parts of Europe because the Library here is more like a 5-star resort. The pictures will have to wait.

Winter is really setting in now with less sunshine, shorter days, strong winds and occasional rain. I love it all the same. To me here, it is a home away from home as I have already set up home with the purchase of a hot plate, pots and pans, plates and bowls and most importantly we have found a store that sells Lee Kum Kee oysters sauce (RM15), St Dalfour jam (RM16), Kikoman light soy sauce (RM15) .... yes, prices are hefty but I am not complaining.

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