Monday, November 16, 2009

Easy Sex Transplant

Male papaya plant with longish fruits
Female plant with round fruits

I have heard of male and female papaya plants and I am sure most of you would have heard of that too but what I am going to reveal to you, I am sure, is going to be something you have not heard of before.

We know that male papaya plants bloom flowers but the flowers do not eventually bear fruits. Most times, we just let the papaya plant be what they may be or at times we have it chopped down. Yesterday we went for lunch at a Tibetan friend’s house. We were there last year too (around the same time of the year) but we did not notice the two papaya plants right in front of her house or maybe they were rather tiny then. The two plants were not any taller than a human being and both were bearing fruits. One bears longish papayas and the other more rounded ones.
Notice the iron that has been punched through the plant

The one that bears the longish fruit is supposedly to be a male papaya plant. This plant underwent a “sex transplant” by a very simple process of having an iron nail hammered into the trunk, near to the base of the plant. And that took care of the fruits.

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