Friday, November 6, 2009

Happiness Is Seeing A Good Ole Friend

I walked to Jangchub Ling in the morning with the hope of seeing a friend I last saw in December 2007. With some enquiries here and there we still got no where as not many people knew the person we were looking for. He had been in retreat in Almora since December 2007 and this year he had the permission of His Holiness to attend teachings in Nepal. We managed to locate his room through Khenchen Rinpoche but luck was not with us as he was not in his room.

While having lunch a fellow mate alerted us that the person we wanted to see was at Drikung College Institute, just a small run out of the Library. He was preparing to leave India for Nepal with a group of Khenpos from DKI.

Rushed to DKI and I was really overwhelmed when I saw him. He looked good albeit being thinner, had shoulder length hair, with moustache and a long beard. He was a picture of a wise old man. He gave each of us a big, huge hug and we got down to chatting and chattering. And in a fleeting moment he was asked to board the 4 Wheel Drive that will take them to the Dehra Dun Railway Station to head on to Gorakphur for their next leg of their journey to Nepal.

This person is no other than Konchok Yeshe aka Chen Cong Si aka Mr S H Chooi, our former Ratnashri Malaysia President.

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K.K. said...

Great mate, truly great ... do sent him my warmest wishes from Namibia.

Enjoy your stay there.