Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back In Inida

Picture taken just outside my room
C'est la vie

Arrived Delhi on 2 November close to midnight and stayed a night at the usual Tibetan Colony Settlement. Early next morning headed for Dehra Dun. Arrived around 5.00pm.

It felt so good to see our tibetan friends and they made us feel so warm and welcomed. They went to great lengths of even having fruits in the room with 2 bottles of mineral water. rice cooker and stove and everything that is needed to make one feel at home. Thank you!

This morning went to meet up with Khenchen Rinpoche at Jangchub Ling and later went down town to stock up on groceries.

Now a little time to relax before going to Khenpo Rangdol's place for tea at 5.00pm


Caroline said...

It's beautiful seeing that mountain, again, in the backdrop! I'm glad you made it safely and to such a warm welcome. xoxo

InnerJourney said...

Hi Caroline, yes its truly good to be back. Gabi came to visit on thursday. met suzzana and also verna and angka (the german couple staying on the same floor as me). they are all staying out of songsten becos prices have almost doubled this year. in my same room i now have a new settee and also a working table and 2 nice rattan chairs - with compliments from our tibetan friends. yesterday went for momo lunch at tenzin la's house.

One said...

hi big sis, what a nice and cosy view.

InnerJourney said...

eventhough it's winter here, it's made warm by our tibetan friends here hehehe