Friday, December 17, 2010

Rediscovering magick

Being in grand-parenthood itself is magickal. Watching Ryan gaining knowledge in life sets me back to my own days as a child as well as to my days as a young mummy.

When we were children the world was a magickal place where things just happened. We rarely worried about where the food came from, we cried and it arrived. We did not fear failure. When we learned how to walk we fell, crawled, got up, staggered, tried again until we were successful. Then we ran. We did not doubt that we were loved – we just knew we were. We lived in the magickal now and trusted that life would provide all our needs.

As we grew older we lost that trust and the belief in ourselves and became unsure, as we became aware that our beliefs included things like fear, what others thought about us, failure, “I am not good enough,” “I will never be able to,” “I should,” and “I can’t.” We became stuck with them not knowing how to change them, let alone cope with them

We are happiest when we are comfortable. Life goes along nicely, just as we planned, everything has a place and is in “it’s place” and it fits in wiith how we believe the world ’should be’. Unfortunately this rarely happens. Life is constantly changing and it would be nice if change came slowly, that we had time to prepare. But there again life has a habit of thrusting change upon us.

Let us recapture the magick of our childhood. Bring back the Magick into your life. Be that child again

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