Friday, December 31, 2010

Thank you 2010

(Photo taken in Wamlung, Tibet)

The merry making and merriment is still very much in the air as evidenced by the traffic jams in and around the shopping malls. I have had my fair share of going to the shopping malls, trying to get last minute gifts and catching up with friends to seal up the year.

2010 seemed to be a not so good year for many because of some challenges to nature but as we all know, after the rain we shall see the sun and in some instances, a beautiful rainbow. For the more fortunate ones, like you and me, do not forget the less fortunate creed. Lend a hand whenever you are able to. If we are given a chance to offer a smile or do a good deed, do not lose that moment or that opportunity to help because it is not everyday that we are given that chance.

I would like to wrap up 2010 with lots of hugs and laughter to all and shall greet 2011 with more hugs and laughter, joys, good health and load of abundance. Have a great 2011.

I shall be blogging less in Inner Journey except for some musings. Do visit Cherish Wellness for more goodies.

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