Saturday, December 18, 2010

The journey

I was fascinated with divination on my return from a week long Reiki Mastership in the 1990s. From flower reading to table tipping, tea leaves reading, tarot, crystal ball scrying, the list runs. This fascination mooted the idea of starting a new age/metaphysical shop. With cold feet and no experience I signed a two year contract with a shopping center and with that I flew over to Australia to pick up knick knacks of new age flavour at RETAIL prices. Within a month The Psychic Corner made its presence as one of the few, if not the only new age shop in the Klang Valley.

As I reminisce on the good days of The Psychic Corner- Tara Touch (a healing and new age workshop center) and Inner Journey (new age magazine publisher), I can sit back and truly say that, that decade had been a great milestone of my life. I’ve had many wonderful opportunities to meet many incredible people and teachers who shared their knowledge and friendship unreservedly. From customers, acquaintances, people who seeked healing became friends who leave footprints on my path. In that quaint little corner of about 126 sq ft of space, we had daily lunch time and every Thursday night from 7.00pm to midnight free healing sessions.  We were totally nonchalant about not charging for all healing sessions. We were happy, contented, fulfilled souls.

In year 2004 we expanded the healing center, Tara Touch, to a 1100 sq ft shoplot in addition to The Psychic Corner.  It was a place where friends gathered for a cup of tea or a heart to heart talk, or just simply chat about any and every other thing. Healing sessions were by appointment. Weekends were reserved for courses and workshops – pranic healing, crystals, reiki, fengshui, tarot, angel, making bath salts, ear candling, tuina ….

Year 2006, Inner Journey New Age magazine premium issue made a hit at all major bookstores in Malaysia. It was a dream realised for me as I had wanted to come out with a new age magazine since 1997. My gratitude to the Inner Journey Team (Brenda, Ronnie, Linda, Tek Ming, Lai and myself)

Feb 2008 I called it a Day. I’ve had my share – the great and not too bad days. Now is the time where I shall dedicate the time to myself. A journey that I need to accomplish before my days are done. A journey that no one can walk for me.

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