Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Traveling on the fast lane

Fifteen years ago I was studying hard to get my Ph.D (Permanent Head Damage) and fifteen years down that road I have long retired.  And last year I was pleasantly surprised at the Immigration when I went to renew my passport.  I did not have to queue up to get a number.  I had an accolade to my name – Senior Citizen.

I now have so much time – to read the newspaper from end to end and not skim through it; going for holidays without thinking how many days I will be away; stay up late at night without having to worry about waking up early tomorrow morning; enrol in courses totally unrelated to professional development; read mags that are not educational; learning how to bake cakes (this evening I baked my first loaf of bread), spend countless hours on the computer, enjoying the company of my 3 year old grandson and most importantly I am doing what I am best at – DOING NOTHING.

C’est la vie!!!! As the french says it.

For the past many years, time has just whisked by and before long I realised that once my teen daughter is now a mummy to the most adorable little boy.  If only we take time to take stock of our time, we then realise that we are living a good part of our life in the fast lane. Take time to smell the roses ….allow the wine to mature

My grandparents travelled by horse and carriage
They saw the country side
My parents travelled by car
They made stops along the way to say hello and for a picnic beside some stream
I travelled by plane
I missed them all ….

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