Saturday, January 1, 2011

Great start to a brand new year 2011

Ga Xiong District, Tibet - July 2010

This morning as I sat and revisited all my thoughts of yester years I was pleasantly surprsie by Minam Rinpoche's call. He sends his new year greetings to all his Dharma friends in Malaysia, India and far and wide. He updated me on Norling Library, Wamlung Monastery and Xining Retreat Houses.

Norling is still awaiting the government's decision on whether to rebuild or ...... As for Wamlung Monastery it is now 80% completed and he hopes to have it all ready by Losar. At the moment Xining Retreat Houses is still on hold until the winter is over.

2011 is going to be a very good year. Rinpoche gave the best present of all. Thank you for starting my new year with such great joys.

To Rinpoche :
La-ma ku-kham sang-war sol-wa deb
Chog-tu ku-tshe ring-war sol-wa deb
Trin-ley dar-shing gye-par sol-wa deb
La-ma-dang dral-wa me-par jyin-gyi lob

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