Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Understanding Crystal Power

My first involvement with crystal went as far back as 1995 with a simple pick up book at one of the crystal shops in the Klang Valley. One would normally plough through a book from page 1 to the end but being someone who occasionally does not comply to the norm, I started the book from the back and with faxes back and forth, the end result was Riza Regis arrived on Malaysian shore a few months later to hold a crystal workshop.
Riza is an avid spiritual seeker as well as author and facilitator for natural healing and self transformation through crystals and free body movement. She has written 3 internationally distributed books on crystals and since 1984 has been giving one-on-one sessions and workshops in Philippines, USA, Vancouver, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, etc

Understanding Crystal Power is an easy-to-read, user friendly book. It outlines the properties and uses of crystals and one can also cross check on a certain ailment and how to treat it with crystals. It gives you valuable information on certain configuration of crystals. This book contains slightly more than 200 pages but it is info power packed.
If you wish to obtain this book or invite Riza to Malaysia, drop me a line

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