Friday, September 5, 2008

Garbage Enzyme UPDATE

I made 4 bottles of Garbage Enzymes (1 orange only/1 apple+pear/2 pineapple+orange) yesterday. Normally one would throw in all the wastes from the kitchen but I have chosen to do just garbage fruit enzyme as it will definitely smell good. When I opened the bottles up this morning, I was welcomed by the sweet smelling fragrance of the fruits. I particularly like the fragrance coming from the pineapple+oranges as it gives off some kind of a sweet tangy refreshing aroma. And I also believe that pineapple is a more effective cleansing agent as it has astringent properties.


molly said...

Are you actually buying the fruit and throw it in? I thought we use the left over vegetables?

InnerJourney said...

fruits alone will give you great aroma vs leftovers of vege and other things. i have given you a reply to your email address