Friday, March 26, 2010

Gemstone Grade Tourmaline Up For Grabs

( Very pretty gemstone grade tourmaline. Up for grabs. Only 1 piece available - SOLD)
The most fundamental property of tourmaline is its ability to transform dense energy into lighter energy. It disperses the negative and replaces it with the positive. It purifies, balances, and transforms, having a remarkably beneficial impact on its surroundings. It raises the vibration of energy and protects. Place this metaphysical crystal anywhere healing, compassionate energy is due — in the garden, a child's room, even the workplace. Wear tourmaline jewelry to attract all of the positive benefits of this stone.

Tourmaline stones have many useful properties for metaphysical work. For the chakra system, they have a cleansing and balancing effect. For the aura, they clear away blocked and negative energies. They have been traditionally used in shamanic practices as a protective stone.

As tourmaline transmutes what is dense into what is light, it has the ability to bring clarity to problems. It allows an individual to develop a deeper awareness of self, and external relationships. Meditating with this crystal inspires compassion and tolerance.
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