Friday, May 14, 2010

2012 ???

Today is 14 May, a month has gone by since the Yushu Earthquake. It may seem a long time and many have put this quake behind them and the people of Yushu are picking up their pieces and getting back into their life. My friend, Kunsang, has gone cordyceps harvesting about 10 days back. Life goes on.

I watched the movie “2012” this morning. It brought torrents of emotions as it brought my imagination to live of what the people of Yushu experienced. For the past month I only heard the news, read the papers, saw all the horrid pictures on the internet and listened to the Tibetan songs dedicated to all the earthquake victims. All these were filtered news i.e. we did not see the actual collapse of buildings, we did not see the fear on their faces, we did not see the grief of these people seeing their loved ones perished.

This morning I lived through the sorrows and nightmares of our friends in Yushu as I watched “2012”. Because the Yushu earthquake is still so fresh, there had been times during the day that I mistook the show “2012” as something real and I would go into the ‘sad mode’ once again. It’s time I pick up the pieces and go into gear of how and what we can do to help the people of Yushu.

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