Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yushu - After The Quake - What Next!

Three weeks into the Yushu earthquake and as news disappear from the world’s front pages, survivors’ needs increase. Temperatures are still at sub zero. They still lack the very basic necessities of warm clothings, blankets, fuel for cooking etc. They are living on meager food supplies and are driniking water from unsafe sources.

Those who survived the quake are psychologically traumatised. When they are awake they are nervous and when they fall asleep nightmares haunt them. Many of them are suicidal. They face an uncertain future after losing all that they have – family members and their homes.

No amount is too small as a gift to the people of Yushu. For every dollar you will be able to provide a bowl of warm meal, a bottle of clean water or even something to keep them warm. Below is an estimate of what your contributions can do for them :

* A jacket costs : 2 USD.
* A blanket costs : 2.40 USD.
* A toothbrush costs : 0.15 USD.
* One ton of coal costs : 51 USD.
* 20 * 500ml bottled water : 2.20 USD.
* Flashlight : 2.90 USD.

An orphanage, a clinic and library will be built on the grounds of former Norling Library. Norling Library was the brain child of Minam Rinpoche. It was a four storey building which stood proudly in the town of Yushu. Many people, especially children, thronged this library daily.

If you wish to be part of the Norling Library – Orphanage – Clinic project, let’s join hands with Minam Rinpoche to make Yushu a better place for the people of Yushu.

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LaiSW said...

Thrangu Rinpoche once replied why he chose Boudha to build his monastery and school. He said that is where work needs to be done. Likewise, lending a helping hand..if not now when?